Cock & Bull #2
February 26, 2021


Rico Demara has suffered more hardships in life than anyone deserves, but every time he got beat down, he got up again and dusted himself off. With some help from family and a good friend, Rico has finally fulfilled his dream of owning a successful bar—the Cock & Bull. Now if only his personal life could consist of more than a combination of one-night stands, friends with benefits, and dates from hell.

Evan Calhoun married his high-school sweetheart, has two kids, and spent the last twenty years denying to himself and everyone else that he was gay. After an amicable divorce, he’s starting over, but a few random hookups and failed dates weren’t what he was hoping for. He wants to find someone he can spend the rest of his life with. Someone like the gorgeous man he spots tending bar—a man who makes Evan weak in the knees and sends his heart soaring just by saying hello to him.

When Rico and Evan start dating, not everyone is happy about their relationship. In fact, they might just destroy the happy ending neither man ever expected to have.

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